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Occupational Health Services

Corporate and Employee Specialist Physiotherapy

PhysioQinetics offers a range of services designed to keep staff at work, or return them to their job in the safest yet shortest possible time, taking care to minimise the risk of injury recurrence.

We offer assessment, treatment and rehabilitation service to meet the needs of our clients. We understand the impact that conditions such as low back pain and upper limb injury can have on business and we also appreciate the importance of an effective and healthy workforce.

Our options
There are a number of ways that companies can utilise our services:
  1. Block booking: This entails booking a number of hours on a regular basis, e.g. 4-6 hrs per week on a day of your choice and either sending your staff to our clinic or we would operate a clinic from a designated area on your site (usually the medical/nurse’s room).
  2. Individual appointment: Following a referral from your occupational health advisor, clients would attend for appointments for treatment at our clinic on an individual basis.
  3. A combination of i and ii can be utilised when a particular client may require urgent assessment and treatment at our clinic within 24hrs of referral.

All options would involve physiotherapy staff liaising with the occupational health team to ensure a swift return to full function in the most time-efficient manner.

DSE Workstation Assessments/ Ergonomics

In the UK £6 billion of productivity is lost each year due to work related musculoskeletal injuries. Many of these are preventable as they are caused by poor working practices that can be changed or adapted, creating less risk of injury.

The latest Health and Safety Executive statistics show that over one million people a year are affected by musculoskeletal disorders making them the most common occupational illness, costing employers 11.6 million days in sick leave.

With an increasing number of people working in offices for long hours in relatively fixed positions, performing repetitive movements while working in stressful environments, we recognise the great importance of correct ergonomics in the workplace. Particularly as this type of work is associated with many musculoskeletal health problems, such as pain and discomfort in the neck, arms, elbows, wrists and hands.

In conjunction with the employer and the employee, a physiotherapist with specialist knowledge in ergonomics and work related conditions can perform an individual workstation assessment. This can improve health, posture and ultimately performance and productivity.

Our physiotherapists provide one-to-one evaluations of employee workstations including:
  1. assessment of computer interface, screen, chair, mouse, keyboard, desk and environment
  2. personal risk assessment and provision of equipment
  3. exercises and any advice which may help to prevent injury
  4. assessment of posture, and of any existing musculoskeletal disorders.

Please contact us to discuss your individual occupational therapy needs and we will be happy to tailor a service that works best for you and your team.