Cupping therapy for back pain and fibromyalgia

Cupping is a very effective and safe treatment for back pain and fibromyalgia. Cupping is able to loosen stiff muscles, unblock pinched nerves, and unbind Muscle knots.

A small fire is inserted into a glass cup which creates a vacuum. The cup is quickly placed onto the patient's back, shoulders, hips or legs. The cup instantly pulls on the muscles and tissues up into the cup.

This suction draws the blood to the surface and helps to relax tight and bound muscle tissue.

The theory behind cupping is that it moves or stimulates your body's natural energy — also called Qi.

Cupping is used together with Acupuncture and Massage therapy to increase the muscle relaxing and pain relieving effects of each of these treatments. When used together, these three treatment therapies provide powerful pain relief and loosening of tight and bound up muscle tissues which could be causing you pain and pulling your spine out of alignment.

Cupping, massage, and acupuncture work wonderfully in adjunct with physiotherapy treatment. Cupping will tend to leave a circular mark which should last about 3 to 5 days. Cupping is not painful. It feels like a really good deep tissue massage, unwinding deep knots in your muscles.

In alternative medicine, pain is believed to be caused by problems relating to your Qi flow. This can be related to stress in the body, imbalances of hormones and fluids, lack of blood flow, and temperature in the muscles and joints. When a suction cup is place on a problem area, the vacuum pull of the cup creates warmth and circulation in the area. Very soon, you will feel that the pain is reduced.