14 tips to avoid back pain

It isn’t always sport or accidents that cause injury.

A large number of our clients with back and neck pain have created the problem by working at a computer. Here are 14 tips to avoid causing yourself damage at work:

  1. Good posture is vital. This means a straight lower back, shoulder blades pushed back, your head in line with body, and no chin poking! These require a good chair and your computer to be at the right height.
  2. Move around every 30 minutes to wake up your postural muscles.
  3. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated; frequent visits to the bathroom will also remind you to keep moving!
  4. Sitting down doesn’t mean you have to be statuesque. Stretch your arms, legs and neck while you are at your desk.
  5. Get someone qualified to look at your workstation.
  6. Exercise during the middle of the day; and don’t use a lack of gym membership as an excuse – a brisk walk will do your muscles no end of good.
  7. Stick a post it note on your desk that says ‘Posture’; when you start to ignore it, make ‘Posture’ your screensaver!
  8. Sit right back in your chair and bring the chair as far as possible under your desk.
  9. Don’t lean on your desk.
  10. Use a lumbar roll to keep your back in place (you can purchase these at our reception area).
  11. Stand up if possible when taking phone calls.
  12. You may not notice your shoulders and neck tensing up; make sure you relax them as often as possible.
  13. As little as 3-5 deep breaths an hour will help to relax tense muscles.
  14. Address any stress issues – maybe try yoga at lunchtime.