Top 10 tips to try and help reduce your back pain during pregnancy

• Stand with your back to the wall, and then try tilting your pelvis by flattening the small of your back into the wall.

• Avoid heavy lifting or carrying, particularly of toddlers as they do not stay still and wriggle causing increased pressure on the spine. It’s worth bargaining, bribing and persuading toddlers if it keeps your back safe. Give them lots of cuddles sitting down on the sofa as compensation.

• Trial a heat pack / hot water bottle in the small of the back to allow the muscle tension to relax.

• Lean forward on all 4’s on your hands and knees (similar to a good labour position) as this helps to take the weight of the baby away from your spine and reduces pressure.

• Trial sleeping on your side with a pillow between the knees or a small towel under your waist as this will help keep your pelvis level and reduce the strain on your back.

• Some women find that a corset or back support belt relieves pain. Often mothers are concerned that this will affect the baby but this is not the case.

• Get your bra size checked regularly. As breasts grow throughout pregnancy, ill-fitting bras can cause tightness around the spine and therefore cause pain.

• Test out different shoes as this differs for each individual. If you have a flattened low back, you may wish to trial small heels, or if you have an arched low back you could try flat shoes.

• Get your husband / partner involved! Ask them to do some gentle massage to the soft tissues of the back. Don’t let them pummel you though!

• Most importantly – start to strengthen the ‘core’ muscles of the lower abdomen and the pelvic floor to assist in supporting the baby and your back.

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