Top tips for posture problems and neck pain

Poor posture can cause neck pain by putting extra strain on ligaments and muscles. Standing with the shoulders slouched and chin jutted forward, working with your head down for long periods of time, slumping while seated and sleeping face-down are common postural problems that affect the neck. Suggestions on how to prevent posture related neck pain include:

  1. Correct your posture when standing or sitting, lift your chest, drop your chin slightly and relax your shoulders.
  2. Ensure your workstation is set up to help you sit properly.
  3. Stretch and change position frequently while you are working.
  4. Try not to sleep on your stomach, which overextends your neck.
  5. Choose a supportive pillow that maintains the natural c curve of the neck.
  6. Combat the muscle tightening effects of stress with relaxation techniques.
  7. Exercise regularly to improve muscle tone and posture.