Bell’s palsy - one of our many successful stories with acupuncture

We recently received enquiry from a young lady called Miss Y who suffered from new onset Bell’s palsy which resulted in paralysis of half of her face due to facial nerve dysfunction. This is medically known as 7th cranial nerve lower motor neurone palsy, which is often of unknown cause.

Her GP prescribed her a course of steroid medication which is in accordance with the latest medical evidence but she showed little improvement after 10 days of using her prescribed steroid. Time is really the essence here as if she does not improve within the first 3 weeks, then she has as high as 70% chance of permanent facial paralysis.

One can only imagine the distress this may have caused this young lady with half of her face paralysed.

She called us and we immediately arranged intensive therapy sessions using a strategy of combining acupuncture and specialist facial massage on specific acupuncture points. We also taught her special facial exercises to stimulate her facial nerve and muscles.

Within 2 weeks, she noticed remarkable recovery and this is what Miss Y has to say:

I will definitely recommend this clinic. My physiotherapist is highly professional, very friendly and careful. I had an unusual problem, but here I got a professional help. My physiotherapist suggested me a good treatment including massage and acupuncture. I'm very happy with the result. 5 stars out of 5”.

If you suffer from Bell’s palsy, don’t just risk waiting, contact us now to arrange our intensive treatment sessions to maximise your chance of any recovery!