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Sport injury / bony fracture

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The unpredictable changes of direction, movement and speed during sporting activity of all types can result in injury.

These may include direct impact to the body, ligament sprain, muscles strains and tears, tendonitis and even broken bones!

Physiotherapy management in the acute phase consists of using electrotherapy, heat/cold therapy, use of tape, braces and supports, and soft tissue therapy.


Sports related injuries benefit from early intervention.

This prevents an acute injury from becoming chronic and helps to ensure that further problems do not arise.

We offer assessment and treatment of sports injuries from the initial acute stage through to the final rehabilitation to help your safe return to sporting activity as soon as possible

Fractures require specific management, often involving immobilisation in cast or splints.

On removal, we assess the individual problems and aid the early return of function and strength through specific rehabilitation.

The aim of treatment is to aid the healing process, promote early restoration of normal function and to prevent secondary complications.

From the recreational gym user to the serious athlete, we have the knowledge and expertise to treat your injury and rehabilitate you to prevent recurrences.

Physiotherapy treatment aids the restoration of movement, function and strength during recovery. Rehabilitation will be specific to your sport and assist an early return to your hobby.