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Manual therapy

At PhysioQinetics, we have a very hands-on / manual approach to treatment!

Manual therapy means the ‘hands on’ treatment used in the management of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Techniques include: mobilisations and manipulation of spinal/peripheral joints, soft tissue mobilisation, deep tissue work, muscle energy techniques, trigger point release, mobilisation with movement, myofascial release, muscle tendons frictioning, passive stretching of contractile tissues, nervous system mobilisation.


Research and experience shows that early treatment of your injury with movement in the direction of injury helps with the organisation and alignment of the fibres in the repair process.

This reduces the production of unwanted adhesions and encourages an earlier return to normal functions.

In longer term conditions such as arthritis, we would try and use larger mobilisations to help affect fluid dynamics in the tissue – as the viability, health and repair of tissues are highly dependent on their vascular and lymphatic supply.